Shelly – Chitosan

Elicitor of the mechanisms of self-defense of cultures against fungi and bacteria.
Allowed in organic agriculture.


Bottle 1 L

Jerrycan 5 L

Jerrycan 20 L




Shelly is extracted from the exoskeleton of crustaceans (standard industrial process). It is suitable for applications in agriculture thanks to its low content of heavy metals. In foliar applications it allows several benefits, such as: direct action against parasites and pathogens, increased microorganisms useful to the crop, better defences against biotic stress. It also regulates plant growth, development, nutrition and tolerance to abiotic stress. In fertigation, Shelly improves roots development and stimulates a higher resistance against the attacks of nematodes, bacteria and fungi.

Grape, strawberry, vegetables, cereals, industrial cropsBacteria and pathogenic fungi4 – 8 low-medium spray applications: every 14 days from leaf development (1-7 leaves on the main shoot) to fruit growth.2 - 4 (l/ha)
Sugar beetBacteria and pathogenic fungi1 – 8 low-medium volume spray application: every 5 - 7 days at vegetative development-senescence (BBCH 10-92)2 - 4 (l/hl)
OrnamentalsBacteria and pathogenic fungi1 low-medium spray application: germination (BBCH 00-01)2 - 4 (l/hl)
Cereals (seeds)Bacteria and pathogenic fungi1 low volume spray application: pre-seeding1 - 2 (l/hl)
Potato (seeds)Bacteria and pathogenic fungi1 low volume spray/dipping application: pre-seeding1 - 2 (l/hl)
Sugar beet (seeds)Bacteria and pathogenic fungi1 low spray dipping/drenching application: pre-seeding1 - 4 (l/hl)

COMPOSITION Chitosan chlorhydrate 5% | Heavy metals < 40 ppm.
CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL FEATURES Deacetylation Degree > 90% | Solubility > 99%.

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