Propolid – Propolis extract

Natural substance that improves plant resistance against biotic and abiotic stress.
Allowed in organic agriculture.


Bottle 1 L

Jerrycan 5 L




Propolis extract in glycolic solution containing multiple beneficial substances processed by bees. The glycol extraction preserves the characteristic features of this natural corroborant, which might be partially get lost with the extraction in alcohol or alcohol solutions. Propolid has a strong protective action for plants against fungal and bacterial attacks. It acts as an efficacious synergist when used in a mixture with sulphurs, copper salts and endotherapeutic fungicides. Propolid facilitates a rapid healing of wounds due to trauma or pruning, while protecting the plant from the penetration of pathogens.
It favours pollination, thanks to its efficacious attractive action towards bees. It improves the post-harvest storage of fruit and reduces the occurrence of rots.

CROPSDOSES (ml/l)DOSES with agrochemicals (l/ha)
Vegetables, fruit trees, floriculture, ornamentals, industrial crops2 - 2.51.5 - 2

COMPOSITION Propolis glycolic extract 5% | Flavonoid content (expressed as galangins at packaging) 25 g/l | Propolis (Weight/volume ratio on finished product ) 150 g/l

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