Research and development

From laboratories to land: the high-quality path of our fertilizers starts from the research work of our technicians and get to the fields, where we test the effects of our fertilizers.


We are an open and dynamic company: exporting our products in Europe, MENA region (North Africa and Middle East), Southeast Asia, Far East, cooperating with commercial partners and local distributors.

Quality and sustainability

Our fertilizers help both agriculture and environment, because they combine the productivity of cultivations with the respect for natural resources: land, water and climate.

Customer care

We take care of our customers’ needs, listen to their requests and create a constant dialogue, helping them to achieve goals and results.

We are a sustainable company.

We work to keep both agricultural development and respect for environment together.
Everything starts from here, in order to produce fertilizers in harmony with nature.

A sustainable agriculture is a healthier and richer agriculture, since it protects land, water and climate.
A vision that results in real actions: producing fertilizers based on organic formulations, encouraging farmers toward an integrated and responsible fertilization, and guiding the research toward ever-sustainable solutions.

We’ve come a long way, though we’re still willing to carry on. Towards a greener future.

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