with specific action.

Specialty fertilizers are powder and liquid products, containing raw materials with both nutritional and biostimulant actions, able to positively influence plants’ biochemistry and physiology. Such formulations are suitable for a sustainable, innovative and productive agriculture.

Hydro Fert develops and offers the following eight products categories: Macronutrients, Growth promoters, Adjuvants, Micronutrients, Basal fertilizers, Corroborants and Basic Substances, Resistance inductors and Fertigation products.


The products present in macronutrients category are fertilizers completing their mineral part with an organic one, in order to increase the fertilization efficiency, to improve the quality and quantity of yields and to avoid any waste of non-renewable resources. They are fertilizers with high nutritional and biostimulant capacity, providing the essential elements for plants and avoiding nutritional imbalances.

The products in this category, resulting from an innovative process (RS Technology), are characterized by the main macronutrients along with seaweeds, amino acids, humic and fulvic acids, improving vegetative and fruit growth.

Growth promoters

Growth promoters are biostimulant substances that influencing positively the physiological and biochemical processes of plants, improving both the absorption efficiency and the assimilation of nutrients.

They provide a series of active substances with high biostimulant function, thus overcoming stress conditions and improving plants physiology, with abundant and sustainable yields and a minor use of non-renewable resources.


Adjuvants favour the effect of fertilizers and agrochemicals. Examples of typical adjuvant activities are the acidification of solutions and the anti-foaming effect.

The products in this category are characterized by: easy use, low application rates and high efficiency.


Micronutrients, although not so present in the chemical composition of plants tissues, have an undeniable importance, also confirmed at academic levels. Many reactions in plant biochemistry depend on the presence of micronutrients, such as chlorophyll photosynthesis and protein and hormone synthesis. Their deficiencies can cause serious nutritional plant diseases compromising the biological cycle’s development.
The products in this category are characterized by micronutrients able to improve the most important physiological and biochemical processes, positively affecting vegetative growth, flowering, fruit setting and ripening.

Basal fertilizers

Basal fertilizers represent “the foundations of production”. These products create the agronomic basis necessary for the correct implementation of plants production. Their use allows an increase in biological fertility and concentration of mineral elements in the soil, thus improving its structure.
The products in this category are characterized by long-lasting effect, uniform distribution of fertilizers, opportunity to fertilize in a localized way and a simple and immediate application.

Corroborants and Basic Substances

Corroborants and Basic substances are products of natural origin, allowed in organic agriculture, which aim to improve the resistance of plants against biotic stresses and to protect them against abiotic damages. Such substances enhance and do not replace agrochemicals and – if correctly used – they allow a reduction in the use of synthetic products and the release of residues. The products in this category have different mechanisms of action, specifically the corroborants create a physical barrier, have a phytostimulant function (they promote a self-defense and enhance the action of some antiparasitic products), modify the pH (making it hostile to the development of the pathogens), besides having an adsorbent and dehydrating function. The basic substances, on the other hand, have fungicidal, insecticide and elicitor functions. The above-mentioned products represent an active way towards an ever-sustainable agriculture for humans and the environment.

Resistance inductors

Resistance inductors allow, through preventive applications on crops, to reduce both the stress incidence and the use of chemical substances. They naturally and positively influence the plants defence systems and help to better overcome biotic and abiotic stresses due to the interaction with pathogens and environment.
The research protocols and their innovative production process (RS Technology) allow to formulate products characterized by seaweeds, plant hormones, amino acids, micro-organisms and mineral elements showing a high peculiarity for the activation of plants defence systems.


Fertigation products boost yields and quality of agricultural production, with a consequent reduction in manpower, increase in distribution efficiency of fertilizers and major pollution control of water bodies, deep and superficial, caused by runoff and leaching of nutrients.

Fertigation allows more efficient fertilizations, meeting the nutritional needs of plants that change with the progress of crops cycle. This avoids the onset of nutritional deficiencies and waste of resources. The products in this category are characterized by high solubility, purity and easy use.