Nettler – Nettle

Stabilized aqueous nettle extract.
Allowed in organic agriculture.


Jerrycan 5 L

Jerrycan 20 L




Nettler is a basic substance that contains many biologically active elements, such as pigments (chlorophyll, carotenoids and flavonoids), tannins, nitrogen compounds, calcium and potassium salts as well as micronutrients. The product has an acaricide, fungicide and insecticidal action. Applicable on different types of plants (fruit trees, salads, potatoes, flowers), it acts against insects (aphids, moths, codling moths, red spider) and against fungi (alternaria, powdery mildew, mould, peronospora). Nettler is an effective partner within the biological and integrated defence programs. When applied within the different strategies, it allows to amplify and improve the performance of crops protection products used, acting directly on the pathogen and indirectly stimulating the plant’s natural defences.

As natural insecticide
Fruit trees, leaf vegetables, potato, floriculture, fabaceaeAphids4 - 5
LettuceLeaf-beetle and moth4 - 5
PomaceousCodling moths4 - 5
As natural acaricide
Grape, fabaceaeRed spider4 - 5
As natural fungicide
Pomaceous, drupaceousAlternaria, grey mould, monilia, watery rot4 - 5
Grape, potatoPeronospora4 - 5
LettuceAlternaria4 - 5
VegetablesPowdery mildew, alternaria4 - 5

COMPOSITION Nettle extract (Urtica spp.) 10% | Formic Acid 0.1% | Ca 1.4% | Si 0.42%

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