The needs of fruit trees for a proper flowering.

Flowering is one of the most complex phenological phases of the entire agriculture cycle. The factors affecting its quality belong to two categories: environmental and agronomical.

The main environmental factors are:


attention must be paid to unexpected temperatures (i.e. extreme temperature leaps which can cause damages) or to excessive temperatures (which can result in a reduction of pollen vitality);


excessive values may cause the development of fungal pathogens, thus compromising the flowering;


first, it should allow the root system development. In addition, water stagnation should be also avoided, in order to prevent any consequent asphyxiation phenomena leading to flowers drop;

cold requirements

if the cold hours are not satisfied, the yields could be affected by a delay in the vegetative regrowth, gems drop, a poor and scalar flowering and any anomalies on flowers.

On the other hand, the agronomic factors are:

vegetative-productive balance

it allows a harmonic production of leaves, flowers and fruits and the consequent buds readiness for the following season;

adequate pruning

to allow a correct lighting of the foliage and the balance between flower and wood buds;

appropriate phytosanitary defence

flowers are very delicate organs, so it is necessary paying attention to the attacks by fungal pathogens or insects which can affect their integrity;

water supply

in recent years, times with a total absence of rainfall have become more and more frequent, therefore a correct water supply is essential to help a flowering without diseases;

proper nutrition

upon the vegetative regrowth, plants should have the necessary nutrients supply for their sustenance. Otherwise, they would be not able to reach a correct flowering, since they don’t have the required energy.

Hydro Fert recommends a combination of products for foliar application to obtain a more homogeneous flowering: Vigor L Rapido (2-3 l/ha) or Vigor Ultra (1 l/ha) + Micrap Boro 11 (1.5 l/ha) and Micrap Zinc 15 (1 kg/ha).

The use of Vigor L Rapido or Vigor Ultra allows to obtain numerous benefits, namely a stronger resistance against biotic and abiotic stress, a better vegetative regrowth and a higher number of flowers.

Furthermore, the addition of micronutrients (boron and zinc) with Micrap Boro 11 and Micrap Zinco 15 favours the lengthening of pollen tube, a better fruit setting and, consequently, abundant and homogeneous yields.