The importance of a healthy and well-developed root system

Plants with a deep and expanded root system obtain better yields in terms of quality and quantity.

That’s because there is a close connection between the vegetative part and the roots, which play a fundamental role in the growth of crops being able to:
– absorb water and nutrients;
– favor and encourage the plant’s anchoring;
– be an important hormonal source to control different mechanisms at the basis of plants development.

Roots, however, also suffer from the attacks of various pathogens such as nematodes (the main cause of the tubercles which determine the deterioration of the plant, even causing its death) and fungal pathogens such as armillaria (the first source of fibrous root rot).

A more developed and vigorous root system is stronger against biotic and abiotic stress, such as an excessive salinity and water imbalances. That’s because healthy roots are able to explore a greater portion of the rhizosphere searching for water and nutrients, besides making a better use of the elements supplied through the fertilization.

The soils can also be “tired”, resulting in a smaller production with fruits of lower quality.

In order to reduce all the above-listed soil problems, Hydro Fert offers various solutions, in particular:

Root Guard: a product combining nutritional and growth promoting elements along with the presence of the “Trichoderma harzianum” microorganism from rhizosphere. Such microorganism is able to establish a mutual connection with the plant and to limit the growth of pathogens through hyperparasitism. The nutritional component of this product (amino acids, humic acids and seaweeds Ascophyllum nodosum) provides a biostimulant effect that leads together to a root development and a better absorption of all nutritional elements, resulting in a balanced vegetative development. Its main effects give a higher number of roots growing healthier and more vigorous.

Grow Quick: an organic nitrogen fertilizer, containing free amino acids that can be easily absorbed, seaweeds (Ascophyllum nodosum), oligosaccharides, humic acids, betaines and enzymes. When regularly applied it provides several benefits, such as: better fertilizers efficiency, stronger root systems, better vegetative growth and fruit setting, bigger fruits with larger size, higher sugar content and stronger resistance against pedoclimatic stress.

Neem Care FL: a mix of micronutrients containing 30% of vegetal extracts, specific for root development. Its application enhances a higher number of bigger roots as well of root hairs, stronger and able to avoid all problems related to the cultivation of “tired” lands. The product helps the production of endogenous defences and improves the capacity to react to external stress.

The use of one of the above-mentioned products, according to the needs of the soil, is ideal in periods during which the plants show symptoms of root suffering.