How can we help plants to defeat water stress and thermal shock? Here are our best products

In summertime, high temperatures and water shortages are the worst enemies for any optimal plants’ development. Especially in certain Countries with very harsh climates, fighting against excessive heat and water shortage represents the first important step to obtain the desired yields, also avoiding risks for the crops due to rising temperatures and drought.
These weather phenomena are certainly responsible for the crops quality and they also influence many fruits characteristics, such as: harvest timing, ripening, colouring, balance of organoleptic components, the nature and expression of aromas.
For this reason, Hydro Fert R&D laboratories have created two products, Grow Quick and Vigor L Rapido, specific to help plants overcome abiotic stress, especially in summer.
In particular, these formulations act by strengthening roots system, by stimulating capillarity and water absorption capacity. Moreover, they reduce the stress caused by an excessive leaves’ transpiration during the hottest hours of the day and improve the composition of substratum, thanks to the increase in macro and micronutrients content.

Grow Quick: the organic nitrogen fertilizer based on seaweeds.

This is a Hydro Fert product from an organic nitrogen matrix, containing:

  • free amino acids
  • seaweeds (Ascophyllum nodosum)
  • oligosaccharides
  • humic acids
  • betaines and enzymes

When regularly applied it provides several benefits, such as:

  1. better fertilizers efficiency
  2. stronger root systems
  3. better vegetative growth and fruit setting
  4. bigger fruits with larger size and higher sugar content
  5. stronger resistance to pedoclimatic stress

Vigor L Rapido, extract of yeast with brown seaweeds and micronutrients.

Vigor L Rapido is a growth promoter 100% of plant origin, manufactured at low temperature and without chemical solvents, based on seaweeds (Sargassum, Laminaria).
This remarkable product contains:

  • micronutrients
  • vitamins
  • polysaccharides and natural phyto-hormones
  • proteins and vegetal amino acids from yeasts.

Thanks to all its features, this product, used both in foliar applications and fertigation, is apt to achieve:

  1. higher number of flowers
  2. better fruit setting
  3. cell development
  4. bigger high-quality yields
  5. better organoleptic properties
  6. longer shelf life
  7. stronger plants resistance against stress
  8. better vegetative regrowth
  9. bigger roots and less sensitivity to micro-deficiencies.