Biostimulants for a sustainable and integrated agriculture

What the biostimulant products in agriculture are

With an ever-increasing importance for the agricultural sector, biostimulants are not simple fertilizers, but a state-of-the-art range of products which can support and promote the growth and development of plants throughout the agricultural cycle, from seeding to harvest time.

During the last years, their use has sharply increased and been recognized as a good agricultural practice with many benefits, improving the plant physiology and ensuring abundant and quality yields. The widespread application of biostimulants in agronomic strategies comes from the possibility of reducing the use of non-renewable resources, for a sustainable and integrated agriculture, even in case of adverse environmental conditions.

How biostimulants work

Many experimental trials have shown that the use of biostimulants on crops or rhizosphere positively affects the physiological and biochemical processes of plants, by improving the absorption efficiency and the assimilation of nutrients.

Furthermore, the highly functional active substances present in the biostimulants improve both the resistance against abiotic stress and the quality of crops.

By acting on natural physiological processes, biostimulants do not have direct effects on parasites and pathogens and do not provide new nutrients, but they help plants to “do their best”. Therefore, the correct use of biostimulants must be accepted as complementary to fertilizers or pesticides, as well as a help to the farmer during difficult situations that may, however, occur with an optimal crop management, too.

How to choose the right biostimulant

There is not only one biostimulant suitable for all crop needs. Indeed, the efficiency of biostimulants in agriculture depends on the right dosage, time and method of application, depending on the type of plants considered.

Characterized by elements such as seaweeds, plant hormones and amino acids, the Hydro Fert biostimulants have a high degree of technological innovation (RS Technology), as a result of a virtuous cycle which, starting from the analysis of the real needs of the plants, allows to reach excellent yields.



From the Hydro Fert commitment in order to create quality products, some specialty fertilizers have been launched, such as:


  • Activeg: finalist at the Apulian Sustainable Innovation Award 2021, is a biostimulant of plant origin, obtained from enzymatic hydrolysate of Fabaceae biomass.
    Experimental tests on zucchini and tomato plants have proved that Activeg stimulates efficaciously both root and vegetative development of young plants, helps against environmental stresses, improves the nitrogen’s efficiency and reduces the exceeding nitrates in vegetal tissues.
  • Dynamic: the new biostimulant good for plants and agriculture, contains a mix of free amino acids of plant origin that guarantees a superior root development, promotes the vegetative development, improves the photosynthesis process, increases the resistance against pedoclimatic stress and helps the absorption of nutrients and NPK fertilizers.

A great support to farmers who work towards abundant and quality productions, with an approach in harmony with nature.