Boron in fruit setting: why it is so important?

Plants do not always yield the expected fruits. This is one of the most shared concerns amongst farmers and one of the most serious consequences, especially for those who grow fruit trees.

The problem often depends on environmental anomalies during the key moments of an agricultural cycle, namely flowering and fruit setting time. In particular, the latter one is a fundamental phase for fruiting, therefore its alteration due to climate changes (i.e. cold spring) would be fatal for plants.

Fruit setting consists of a transition from flowers to fruits, a delicate and essential phase for the development of future crop, characterized by the fecundation of flowers through pollination. From now on fruits start developing, a period lasting more or less time based on the tree species.

At the same time, besides the completion of the fruiting cycle, inside the plants takes place a contextual flower differentiation of further buds for the next cycle.

These two simultaneous phases guarantee annual fruits productions, in an endless competition with the vegetative activity.

 How we can help plants during such delicate stage?

In order to support the natural development of crops during fruit setting, it is necessary to act on fruit trees with a natural fertilization through foliar application. Among the recommended products, those based on boron are definitely the most important ones.

The best moment to apply boron-based products in foliar applications is the one before the flowers’ opening, when plants can maximize the absorption of such essential element. Nevertheless, some subsequent applications in plain flowering and after fruit setting are useful too.

Micrap Boro 11, the right integration of boron in fruit setting.

Micrap Boro 11 is a formulation based on high concentration of boron ethanolamine, which when applied can:

  • stimulate the lengthening of pollen tube, thus allowing fecundation;
  • regulate cell division;
  • favour abundant and homogeneous fruit setting and rich yields.

In the formulation of Micrap Boro 11, boron forms a complex with ethanolamine that has proved to be the most suitable chemical compound to ensure a prompt availability of such element inside the plant.