Resistance inductors in agriculture

Inducing resistance means engendering a physiological response by plants, making crops stronger against biotic or abiotic stress.
This is why resistance inductors represent today an important tool to protect plants.

It’s about a new means that, after preventive applications on crops, allows the reduction of both stress incidence and the quantity of chemicals used.

How resistance inductors work on crops.

Plants have a “defensive memory” method similar to animal immune system: in fact, they can recognize the pathogens already faced and so reacting accordingly.
This is their innate ability to activate defence mechanisms against stress, which can be of different types:

1. physical stress: wounds, pruning, pollarding, transplanting, ploughing, UV-C radiation, pressure

2. chemical treatments: with products resulting from the plant-pathogen interaction (endogenous elicitors, e.g. oligosaccharides, chitosan, laminarin) or pathogens’ products (exogenous elicitors, e.g. proteins, polysaccharides)

3. applications of microorganisms: biocontrol agents, symbionts, mycorrhizal fungi, plant-associated microorganisms

Resistance inductors types.

There are different types of resistance inductors to improve plants’ response to stress, such as:

– Inoculation of non-harmful microorganisms: the vegetal organism recognizes the artificial inoculum as pathogen, so it activates the production of proteins and defence compounds.
– Use of fertilizers rich in amino acids, minerals or metals in right doses and composition, to stimulate the defence genetic pathways. In a few days, they make the plants ready and active against pathogen organisms or abiotic stress, so strengthening them.

Today, there are innovative and high-technology products, such as the resistance inductors by Hydro Fert, able to activate and accelerate the endogenous resistance mechanisms of plants, by protecting them and guaranteeing a better quality of yields.

Basically, a resistance inductor is not a phytosanitary product, because it does not cure, but it helps the plant defending itself, and its action is neither immediate nor preventive.

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