Micrap Calcio

Solution of calcium chloride.
Allowed in organic agriculture.


Bottle 1 L

Jerrycan 5 L

Jerrycan 20 L




Micrap Calcio is a liquid fertilizer rich in calcium and amino acids of plant origin, the latter ones improving the entering of the former one into the cells, with both a carrier and biostimulant action. Calcium plays a fundamental role in neutralizing organic acids; it also takes part in cell metabolism, by regulating the colloidal constitution of protoplasm, acting in contrast with potassium on the processes regulating transpiration and water balance. It is essential also for cells division, for the production of maltase enzyme, for the meristems growth and the pollen creation. Micrap Calcio is apt to prevent and treat: apical rot in tomatoes, bitter pit in apples, dried leaves in melons, tip burn in lettuce, rot in strawberry, fennel and celery.

Grape, citrus, fruit trees, tropical fruits2 - 3 applications: pre-flowering and fruit growth.2 - 2.5
Tomatoes3 applications: fruit growth.2.5 - 3.5
Vegetables 2 - 3 applications: post-transplanting and fruit growth.1.5 - 2

The dosage for foliar application is intended for a water volume of 1000 l/ha.

COMPOSITION Water-soluble Calcium oxide (CaO) 15%.
CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL FEATURES EC 1:100 7.5 mS/cm | pH 4.8 | pH 1:100 7 | Dens. 1.35 g/cm3.

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