Peach and apricot trees: some tips for fertilizing

Let’s talk about two of the well-known Drupaceous: peach and apricot. These fruit trees are widespread in Italy and other Mediterranean countries thanks to the temperate climate, although there are varieties cultivated in less favourable climate conditions too, characterized by frosts or drought. Being a type of crops particularly affected by such events, some measures are to be taken in the cultivation fields, like windbreak tools and frequent irrigations.

Especially peach trees, being self-pollinating plants, need a special care. For instance, the abundant flowering may lead to an exaggerated vegetative vigour with a consequent excessive amount of fruits, appearing then small, with a poor sugar content and not so tasty.

The ideal soil for peach and apricot trees.

The ideal soil for peach and apricot is a loose one, not subject to stagnant water issues. In particular, apricot should avoid heavy and damp soils; on the other hand, calcareous soils can lead peach trees towards: iron chlorosis (problems absorbing iron) and nitrogen deficiency (appearing with yellow leaves).


Peach tree needs a high nitrogen supply in order to positively affect both yields and fruits size, especially for early-ripening cultivars. The application of moderate quantities of nitrogen fertilizers and potassium, with a consequent compensatory effect for nitrogen excess, are the best solutions to obtain the best yield.

For apricot trees, throughout the period between mild and warm seasons, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) fertilizers can be used.

Hydro Fert fertilizers for the ripening of peach and apricot.

Hydro Fert has designed and produced specialty fertilizers very useful during both the ripening and sugar production phases in peach and apricot.

Such products can be found in the Macronutrients category: Maturando and Matura Plus, whose combined application promotes and improves fruits ripening of the above-mentioned two crops.

Maturando: the right dosage of phosphorus and potassium.

It is a fluid fertilizer rich in phosphorus and potassium. Thanks to its composition, enriched with high percentage of micronutrients, the absorbency of the product results to be faster, avoiding useless waste of nutritional elements otherwise unstable. The product is without sulphates, carbonates and chlorides, so available also for foliar applications. Maturando can be applied during fruit growth and ripening, showing an immediate positive effect on the yield’s quality and quantity. When applied during veraison and ripening, it improves the first and second colouring layers of fruits; it also enhances the metabolic synthesis of sugars and therefore the tastefulness.

Matura Plus: higher yields and better fruits quality.

It is an organic nitrogen fertilizer able to biostimulate some catalytic effects into the vegetal cells. The product enhances both cellular permeability, the rise of all the biochemical activities, it augments the chlorophyll content in leaves, resulting in a better photosynthetic efficiency and sugar content thus improving fruit ripening. The use of Matura Plus also gives the following benefits: richer yields, uniformity of fruits, better quality, longer shelf life, increased intensity and extension of colour, stronger resistance against abiotic stress.

In order to take the best advantage for your crops, Hydro Fert technicians advise using Maturando together with Matura Plus.