New European fertilizers Regulation: from next year 2022, more safety and sustainability

Approved at the beginning of 2019, the new European fertilizers Regulation (EU 2019/1009) will come into force in July 2022 and will be the strictest in the world in terms of safety.

Less contaminants

Many pieces of news. First of all, the introduction of limits for many contaminant substances (organic and inorganic), including cadmium. In fact, the Regulation sets cadmium’s limit in fertilizers at 60 mg/kg, thus reducing the risks to human health and the environment.

Besides cadmium, the Regulation includes the limits of other heavy metals, such as arsenic, chromium, lead, nickel and mercury. All elements that accumulate in soils, water and living organisms.

More harmonization

The Regulation harmonizes the fertilizers sector, allowing new types of formulations to use the CE mark. These are organic and organo-mineral fertilizers, soil improvers and conditioners, cultivation substrates and plant biostimulants, which are more and more important for agriculture field.

These products will be able to circulate on the market in compliance with safety and quality requirements set by the Regulation and the limits for contaminants.

More sustainability

The Regulation also promotes the circular economy, encouraging the production of fertilizers obtained from the recovery of organic materials. The goal is to reduce the amount of waste produced, energy consumption and environment damages.

More clarity on labels

Finally, the Regulation defines the labelling, safety and quality requirements that all fertilizers will have to comply in order to be freely marketed throughout the EU.

Hydro Fert has always considered people and environmental safety as a major priority. This is why its quality fertilizers already respond to the challenges posed by the new European Regulation.