Easy Plant and Fertil Drip: the effective and easy to use water-soluble fertigation products

Hydro Fert’s catalogue also includes water-soluble fertigation products, namely those fertilizers with high solubility and perfectly suitable for all fertigation systems.

What is a fertigation?

Fertigation is a fertilization technique that where the distribution of fertilizers is made together with the irrigation water. In order to carry this out, you need a micro-irrigation system and the necessary equipment to mix fertilizers into the irrigation water.

In general, fertigation is the best choice when a regular and precise irrigation is required, such as in protected crops, in soil-less and mulched crops as well as in arid areas.

What are the benefits of fertigation?

  • gradual distribution of fertilizers, in line with the needs of plants;
  • less manpower for its application;
  • higher fertilizers efficiency, which are absorbed together with the water;
  • reduction of water wastes;
  • less trampling on soils by mechanical machines.

Water-soluble fertigation products: how to use them

The fertigation products must be previously melted in a “concentrated stock solution”. During the preparation of such nutrient solutions, it is important to follow the rules about miscibility and compatibility between different fertilizers, to consider the chemical supply of water, to evaluate the specific crop needs based on the phenological phase and to keep in mind the climatic factors and the chemical and physical features of soils or growing media.

The following step is the integration of nutrients, preferably using simple fertilizers or NPK compounds.

The rules of miscibility and compatibility

The chemical compatibility (miscibility) of the fertilizers is essential to avoid chemical reactions that can cause insoluble precipitates then increasing the risk of occlusion of the drippers and the loss of nutrients in forms that cannot be assimilated by plants.

To this end, it is good to know that you should never mix in the same tank:

  • fertilizers containing phosphorus with fertilizers containing calcium;
  • fertilizers containing sulphate with fertilizers containing calcium;
  • fertilizers containing phosphorus with fertilizers containing magnesium. Without alternative options, magnesium sulphate can be mixed with fertilizers containing phosphorus, when using low concentrations and an acid/sub-acid environment (pH 5.5-6.2).

Hydro Fert water-soluble fertigation products

A water-soluble NPK fertigation product is a pre-mixed nutrient stock solution. Its main benefits? It results to be a practical and easy to use solution.

That’s why Hydro Fert recommends the use of water-soluble NPK fertilizers Easy Plant and Fertil Drip, so as reducing the tough work and, at the same time, increasing both the productivity and quality of crops.