A new tool online to find the right fertilizer

Seven products categories, nearly 80 fertilizers for every types of crop and soil, many raw materials of high-quality, four kinds of formulations and a brand for innovation.

To better understand the wide Hydro Fert offer, there is a new tool online.

In all products page of the company website, the “Filters” feature has been added, helping the user to find the right fertilizer in a quicker and more effective way.

How does it work? By clicking on “Filters” in the top-left page, a drop-down window opens up showing the macro characteristics of Hydro Fert products. Each macro field includes some sub-categories to further itemize the search and find the fertilizer that suits one’s needs best.

For instance, it is possible to get the results based on application, crops, agricultural cycle of plants and so to get, in a short time, the most apt solution. Thanks to this option, products selection becomes simpler, faster and, above all, more accurate.

Such important development shows a constant attention paid towards customers, along with a continuous improvement and a natural predisposition for innovation. Three values ​​that have always characterized Hydro Fert and tell of a tireless effort: helping all farmers to grow.