A great success for the “Biostimulants Conference 2021”

Four days of speeches, over 1500 subscribers, 27 registered companies and hundreds of streaming and sharing interactions. These are the results of the 2021 edition of the Biostimulants Conference, where Hydro Fert also took part.

This event confirms to be an important meeting for the biostimulants sector, an ever-growing market, which affects more and more companies, with positive effects on the economy, agriculture and environment.

In fact, plant biostimulants are increasingly requested because they can improve the absorption and efficacy of nutrients, tolerance to abiotic stress and the quality and productivity of crops.

The speeches

On the virtual stage of the event, totally online and divided by four sessions, researchers, university professors and partner companies took turns.

There were many topics discussed, such us: market trends, research developments, regulation, the role of plant biostimulants and mechanisms of action.

The effectiveness of Activeg

Among the company presentations, also one by Hydro Fert. R&D manager Lorenzo Vecchietti illustrated the effectiveness of Activeg, combined with agrochemicals, to improve the vineyard’s management.

The results of this comparative research confirm that Activeg is a biostimulant that can be fully mixed with copper and sulphur and allows more abundant and quality productions, at low application rates.

The Biostimulants Conference was, therefore, an opportunity for discussion and study useful to all the business operators, besides being an opportunity for Hydro Fert to introduce Activeg biostimulant to an increasingly interested and attentive audience.

Watch the speech:

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