The PGI «Pomdoro di Pachino»: many producers use Hydro Fert

One of the most successful stories for Hydro Fert is definitely the one tied wit the PGI «Pomdoro di Pachino». Many producers of such Sicilian excellence, in fact, use now our fertilizers to obtain a high quality product.

«Pomdoro di Pachino» was born in the extreme southern tip of eastern Sicily, in an agricultural area formerly dedicated to wine production. It is in this area where a product of excellence grows, thanks to a perfect mix of factors, such as soil, light, temperature and irrigation water.

The close link between the characteristics of this tomato and the peculiarities of its territory, has allowed it to obtain the recognition of «Protected Geographical Indication» mark, safeguarded today by a Consortium dealing with the application and observance of a specific production policy.

This is the background in which Hydro Fert works, providing the highly technological fertilizers Fertil Drip and Easy Plant lines, specifically designed to better nourish the crops and thus meet the expected quality targets.

The use of such formulations, together with the patient work of Sicilian farmers, has resulted in the production of a tasty, resistant, crunchy, fragrant PGI «Pomdoro di Pachino», with great postharvest performance, rich in antioxidants and with important anti-tumor properties.