From laboratories to experimental tests: research never stops.

« Research & development » is the definition usually used to describe all the activities connected to innovation. It is a way to simplify a long and complex work that involves every day technicians, agronomists and experts of Hydro Fert.

In fact, the R&D process includes laboratory tests, raw materials selection, experimental evidences, field trials, collaborations with research institutes and publications on scientific journals. A set of actions always aiming at the same goal: the excellence of Hydro Fert fertilizers.

Such activities represent a constant commitment that allows Hydro Fert to turn the makings, provided by study and technology, into always new and increasingly important results.

One of the aspects Hydro Fert cares more is represented by experimental tests in collaboration with accredited and independent institutes. Currently, three field trials are ongoing to test the effectiveness of Activeg biostimulant, Grow Quick organic nitrogen fertilizer and Vigor L Rapido growth promoter.

Here below the above mentioned research projects:

Evaluation of the biostimulant activity of Activeg

In collaboration with: Hort@, Spin off of « Cattolica del Sacro Cuore » University

Crop: wine grapes in open field

Location: Azienda Agricola Res Uvae, Castell’Arquato (Italy)

Duration: 24-25 weeks

Innovative strategies for the management of horticultural cropping systems with Activeg biostimulant

In collaboration with: ISVAM Study Center, Gianluca Caruso from the Department of Agriculture, University of Naples « Federico II » and ISI Sementi company

Crop: table tomato in greenhouse

Location: Department of Agriculture, University of Naples “Federico II”, Portici, Naples (Italy)

Duration: 10-12 weeks

Evaluation of the influence of Grow Quick and Vigor L Rapido reacting to water and salt stress

In collaboration with: Agroservice, independent company active in agricultural research and experimentation

Crop: romaine lettuce in greenhouse

Location: Andria (Italy)

Duration: 6-8 weeks

The results of these three tests will help Hydro Fert to understand, even better, how the products work and to provide farmers more and more effective solutions.