Dynamic: the new biostimulant fertilizer good for plants and agriculture

A new catalogue and brand-new products. This is a time of great news for Hydro Fert, proving itself a company always focused on innovation, sustainability and on all farmers needs.

Thanks to such approach, Hydro Fert has conceived Dynamic, a biostimulant product containing mixed free amino acids of plant origin that improves the plants rooting system, promotes vegetative development, facilitates photosynthesis, increases resistance against pedoclimatic stress and helps the absorption of both nutrients and NPK fertilizers.

The results are evident: more vigorous and healthy plants, lively and uniform green color of the vegetal features and bigger high-quality yields.

Technology and excellence

Dynamic is produced in Hydro Fert’s cutting-edge plants, with micronization technologies reducing the size of particles in suspension.

All this results into a biostimulant fertilizer, bearing the RS Technology trademark, able to be evenly distributed on plant tissues and to better penetrate inside the plant through both leaves and roots.

Many benefits for tomato crops

Experimental tests are currently underway on Dynamic, supporting the outcomes proving that this product is particularly apt for many horticultural crops at the peak of their developing time, in particular tomatoes. Hydro Fert advises applying the product in fertigation two or three times, up to 7 days before harvesting.

The application of Dynamic increases the resistance against water stress and allows plants to grow strong and healthy, developing vegetal biomass.

A great result for all those farmers whose purpose are abundant and high-quality yields.