Brand new look for Hydro Fert: history, values ​​and innovation

A new look for Hydro Fert, which on the occasion of the well-established meeting with Fruit Attraction (the International Fruit and Vegetable Fair, in Madrid from 22 to 24 October 2019), shows a complete restyling of the corporate image.

A new story.

The company has taken a road of visual identity renewal, in order to make it even more congruent with its placement, more and more characterized by innovation, technology and sustainability. The goal to be achieved for Hydro Fert is working for giving value to its qualities, cancelling the distance between what it really is and the way it is perceived.

A dynamic brand.

Starting from the brand, Hydro Fert has redesigned all the institutional company items, so as resulting in an identity that combines coherently history, values ​​and spirit of innovation.

The new logo combines a stylized figure of a bud with the lines of a ploughed ground in perspective. These two visual concepts summarize company’s history and mission, with a result communicating prosperity and fertility.

The bud, reduced to a much more essential shape, also look like a tree, thanks to the extension of the central band. The tree is the image of a path, intended as a process of growth and evolution.

The type used, with a soft appearance, conveys positivity, closeness and naturalness: ​​ values coherent with the young and dynamic nature of Hydro Fert.

New packaging, same quality!

A very rich range of specific products, from today with a more captivating packaging and in line with the brand new company image, assigning a different colour to each products category. On the other hand, our fertilizers quality remains the same, as a result of experience, research and continuous studies, with the aim of providing the best tools for agriculture to our customers.

The website

A faster and easier to use website, rich of new contents, rearranged into special sections with a simple interface with colours matching each fertilizers category of our catalogue.
A dedicated space for our products and enriched with multi-thematic contents about research, innovation and sustainability, as well as technical advice on fertilization plans and sectorial updates.