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Apulian Sustainable Innovation Award 2021: Activeg amongst the best eco-friendly products of the year

The Activeg biostimulant made the final in the category « best eco-friendly product of the year » at the Apulian Sustainable Innovation Award 2021, the contest sponsored by Confindustria Puglia, with the collaboration of Legambiente Puglia, University of Bari, Arpa Puglia, CNR, Federchimica and Dipar.

The fertilizer, selected by the technical jury after several candidates, is one of the finalists for the above-mentioned category. This is an important result that confirms Hydro Fert’s ability to combine innovation and sustainability, one of the most important challenges for business companies nowadays.

Activeg is a biostimulant of plant origin with a low Carbon Footprint, that is the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent released for the manufacturing of a single product unit. This formulation is the result of years of experimentation, field tests and quality controls carried out by Hydro Fert researchers, agronomists and technicians.

The result is a product able to stimulate efficaciously both root and vegetative development of plants and to improve soil fertility, through an effective and efficient use of renewable and non-renewable resources.

Activeg’s industrial-scale conception and production has led to a very strong ecological push, marking time towards an actual environmental transition of Hydro Fert, actively engaged in the production of organic, biological, sustainable and low-carbon biostimulant products.

“Such result makes us proud” says Lorenzo Vecchietti, Hydro Fert R&D manager. « It is the proof that working on sustainability is the right way for our company, for agriculture and for the environment, too ».

The award, besides the celebration of the best practices of Apulian companies, was an opportunity to promote the sustainability goals of the UN 2030 Agenda, the Green Deal plans and an active commitment for an efficient ecological transition.Although it’s a long way to come, there are more and more companies which are committed to reach it. One of them is Hydro Fert.